The Frank Bienas scholarship


What started as a business relationship quickly turned into a close family relationship over 23 years. He was an incredibly generous man helping us establish our delivery business, then taking over his fundraising business once he retired. He handled business on a handshake.

Frank was Band Director for the Shenandoah High School from 1967-1973, where his band won the State Fair Marching Competition in 1972. A proud moment was when the Marching Band played in President Nixon’s Inaugural Parade in 1973. Frank was the school representative for Paige’s Music Company from 1973 to 1981.

Frank Bienas Enterprises created by him and his beautiful wife, Lynn allowed school groups to raise funds for their activities by selling his fundraising products. He remained active in the company until he retired in 2008 selling the business to Piper, which became Piper Fundraising.

Frank was a man of many interests. He enjoyed fishing, antiquing, cooking alongside Lynn, working in his yard and hanging out with his grandsons. Frank looked forward to attending Bible studies, particularly studying Old Testament scriptures. He taught 6th grade Religious Ed for 21 years.

Frank went to be with the Lord March 22, 2018.


1. You must be a High School Senior graduating 2019.
2. You must have an average GPA of 3.0 over the last 2 years.
3. You must have participated in Performing Arts for 2 years.
4. You must have participated with Piper Fundraising for 2 years.
5. You must be enrolled in college or vocational school.
6. Student must produce 2 references: one from Performing Arts
Director and one from an additional teacher.

Email application to Melanie Piper @